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About Me


Disclosure Statement

Vincent P. Carrier, M.S., LCPC

444 Main Street

Lewiston, Me. 04240





Education: University of Southern Maine, Gorham, Me.   
aster of Science in Counseling
Graduated with Honors


Licensure: State of Maine

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (L.C.P.C.)

Original license date: Dec. 1997 Renewal: Dec. 2011


Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (L.A.D.C.)

Original license date: Nov. 1989 Inactive at this time



Areas of Competence:

Individual , Couples and Family Therapy


Ages: Pre-teen, Teen and Adult


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Motivational Interviewing

Client Centered Therapy

E.M.D.R.  (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)



Autism spectrum disorders
Asperger’s Disorder

Reactive Attachment Disorders

Disruptive Behavior Disorders

Trauma & Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Mood disorders

Depressive Disorders

Anxiety Disorders,

Guilt and Shame

Self Esteem issues


Special Skills:
Fluent in French



Special Training:

Motivational Interviewing

Clinical Supervisor Trained (Powell Model)

Level 1 E.M.D.R. Therapist

Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


Course of Action:

                                                    As a new client you have questions regarding what will be happening today, 

                                                   tomorrow and thereafter as long as we are w
orking together.



First interview:

Client provides an overview of the issues.

Some basic intake paperwork will be completed.


Second interview:

Completion of assessment and discussion of the Issues.

Completion of intake paperwork.


Third interview:

                                                      Discussion of the issues, explanation of and collaboration in completing the Treatment Plan.


Subsequent sessions:

                                                                        Therapy based on goals and objectives set forth in the treatment plan.



                                   Information disclosed in the counseling process is protected by federal and state law from 

                                 disclosure to anyone with whom the client has not
specifically indicated their permission through 

                                 the use of a correctly completed and signed release of information.
The release of information 

                                indicates to who the information may be
Disclosed, what information may be disclosed, and the 

                              duration of the
release of information, after which time it is null and void. A release of information 

                              may be changed or withdrawn at any time.
Notification in writing to the issuer is required specifically 

                             stating the c
hanges or withdrawal is desired.

                            Alcohol and drug abuse patient records are confidential and protected by Federal law (CFR 42). Violations 

                           may be reported to the therapist
and/or the Office of Substance Abuse in Augusta, Me. 04333.



Confidentiality exceptions:

1- Threat of serious harm to self or others

2- Reasonable suspicion of child abuse,
or abuse of elder or incapacitated individual

3- court order

4- Voluntary release signed by the client or guardian.

                 5- In defense against legal action or formal complaint which client 
                       makes before a court or regulatory body.

                                                   6- During supervisory consultations



Licensure requires supervision be obtained at intervals related to

total client contact hours. Arrangements are in place for supervision.


Fee Schedule:

                                                                                                          Assessment: Rate is $125.00 per 50 minute hour. 

                                            Therapy: Rate is $140.00 per 50 minute hour.

                                                                           Unless prior arrangements have been made, fees are due at session time.


Copayments are due when services are rendered.

MaineCare copayment may be $2.00 per session




We accept MeCare and Insurance is accepted on a limited basis.

                                                                             You are required to verify coverage prior to your first session.  
                     Pre approval paperwork will be required prior to beginning in therapy.



                                                                                                       Please note Financial Responsibility Policy



Office Hours: 

                       Current service hours are Monday through Saturday, by

Client can reach the therapist during regular business hours, Monday through Saturday at 207-837-7603.


After hours and emergencies:

                                             Clients experiencing an emergency should call the statewide crisis number (1-888-568-1112) and seek 

                                            help at their closest hospital emergency department. The emergency department may contact the 
                                            therapist at 207-837-7603.



                                            The practice of counseling is regulated by the department of Professional and Financial Regulation, and 

                                           complaints may be
registered by contacting:

Board of Counseling Professional Licensure

35 State House Station

Augusta, Maine 04333